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Welcome to DestinY!

Keypicture full We offer horse-assisted seminars and coaching according to the HorseDream® concept HorseDream® concept for companies, institutions and individuals.

"Fate sometimes only shows you the paths you can take, not the ones you want to take." Önder Demir

More than 80% of our communications are non-verbal, i.e., occurs through body language. Horses, as social herd animals, can act as a mirror to reflect the human body language, allowing you to become aware while expanding and optimizing your authenticity. You can improve soft skills, uncover resources, develop strengths and skills through this extraordinary training, which is further intensified through experiencing, feeling and sensing without tiring role plays, with the horse acting as a catalyst.

Seminars with horses as co-trainers are a very effective and sustainable method of becoming aware of one's own non-verbal communication, and help identify potentials and improve leadership and team skills while strengthening and anchoring one's own presence in an authentic way. Horses get access to the deep layers, unconsciously and without bias, which cannot be achieved by normal coaches and which gets the participants out of their comfort zones to break away from established patterns. These experiences pave the way towards your personal development.

The seminar content is based on "The Integral Vision" by Ken Wilber, "Conscious Business" by Fred Kofman and content by Bruce Tuckman, Hans Christian Altmann, Paul Hunting, and David L. Cooperrider and corresponds to modern and proven management methods.

No horse knowledge is required to attend the seminars! It's about people, horses are only the mirror and build the bridge

Why horses?

Horses are organized in the hierarchic social system of the herd. The leader is responsible for all members of the herd and the life of the whole group depends on him. Therefore, horses follow only the leader that authentically conveys strength and leadership charisma, respect and experience, credibility and esteem, trust and 100% presence. The same happens when people interact with horses. Horses don't care if the respective person is an executive or a manager. Horses follow the one who represents these leadership qualities in his or her personal appearance. The body language, which is the only way of communications between horses, is therefore the most important part of this interaction. The horses mirror the person’s personality, based on their unbiased responses.